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Welcome to....a Gorean place. No, it is not located on a fictional world. No, there is no paga - but you may see an exquisite kajira expressing her belly and need in words via service.

Do the men carry swords? No, of course not. This is a representation of Gorean philosophies. It is a discussion room, where you will also see the display and interplay of male and female relationships that make up what I feel can be expressed today, in reality.

So I challenge you to do the same. Take the next step from fantasy to reality. Men, show your strength and integrity, women, express your hunger and need for that strength.

Harken to the essence of what Norman wrought for us. A theme that is powerful and sustaining. A vision that can go beyond a world of fictional artifacts. A lifestyle that is purely human in the most basic terms.

Make no mistake, you will be judged by your actions, this is not a game. If Gor to you is a mask that slips over your being when you enter IRC - this is not the place for you.

The question will be asked - is this roleplay? The answer is simple - aspects of this will be considered roleplay by some - and doubtless this will create much discussion. However, discussion, without expression, seems lacking to me.

Will there be serves by kajirae - absolutely, will there be discussion - absolutely, will there be kalana, paga, larma's, tarns, sleens, Ubar's, Priest Kings, and all those things that simply do not exist, absolutely not. What will exist is what can exist. Strength, Integrity, possession, ownership, pure masculinity and pure femininity.

This is perhaps the next level - a portal to reality. Are you ready?


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