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The Gorean Man is probably one of the oddest paradoxes you will find on earth...perhaps that is why he is Gorean. A Gorean Man knows what he is in his very core - Male - uncompromisingly Male.

He revels in his masculinity and personal power. His confidence and posture make him both arrogant and incorigable. So what about this combination of personality attracts the Gorean female to him? Perhaps it is his strength...not simply physical, but his strength of character in knowing exactly what he is. His ability to look at her and see right into her very core and know what she is in her heart.

It is that very thing that makes those women that hide what they are behind the masks of earth society terrified of these men; they call the Gorean man neanderthals or cavemen..knuckle draggers and chest pounding apes that don't see anything beyond a woman's body. ::chuckles::

How suprised those same women are when they find themselves whimpering at the whispered words of the same men that they think are savages or brutes, and how even more suprised when they find out that the Gorean Man is much more complicated than simple brutal maleness, we are in fact, writers and thinkers, poets and musicians.

We are passionate beyond all measure, we must be, to make women tremble and quake in heated ecstacy at our feet, our passion must excede those of a woman. How is it, you may ask, can a Gorean Man show such passion and still consider himself a man and not some simpering shadow of a man that is common on the face of the planet we live on?

I will tell you what I believe - these great passions do not mean we show weakness or the castration of the earth man, they allow us to be what we fully are at our core as men. We were not meant to be stoic in our hearts and on our faces, we were meant to show our hearts, our minds and our very souls to the gods.

We were meant to look at our children and express our great joy in thier wonderment. We were meant and built to have the fires of our hearts, our blazing passions burn like the hottest of forges, building our persons as strong, yet flexible and sharp.

When we are struck with the hammer..we sing that most harmonious note of the perfect blade and do not shatter like the shells of those that think to be hard is to be strong. I am probably rambling around the points I feel make up the Gorean Man, but as I said..we are paradoxes on this place called Earth.

Are we dogs...? No, although we can and do howl at the moon. Are we "male shuevenist pigs"....? Well...if that means we want our women to only be women and feminine..probably.

What is a mistake to say about the gorean Man is that we want to oppress women; that is the one of the most ignorant of all things said about Gorean Men...oppressed women have no place on Gor..oppressed women have niether the strength nor character to submit in the Gorean fashion. We do not oppress, we make bloom, we bring out in those women that submit, the true female, the very core of their being. These are some of the things I feel make up the Gorean Man.

-Do not mistake passion, for weakness

(sela`s former RL Master)

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