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  1. Capped nicks do not automatically mean a person has the strength to own. Nicks that contain monikers such as "Master", "Mistress", "Lord", and other self imposed honorifics are to me rather revealing. The title "Master" or "Mistress" is used only by slaves. Calling oneself a "Master" or "Mistress" is ludicrous.

  2. Behavior that is considered "bratty" or "subbie" is also revealing. It shows that a slave clearly has not felt the strong hand as of yet. Such behavior will doubtless beckon the application of this strength immediately.

  3. Intelligence, logic and directly addressing issues firmly and openly can represent strength, both in the Free and slave. The use of "bluster" and "drama" are tools of the weak minded. As someone once said "Never underestimate the power of human stupidity."

  4. Training is a function of experience. Certainly basic guidelines can be provided, at the end of the day, the Free will use his or her strength to show their possession what is expected. Visiting kajirae will be corrected as necessary, and swiftly.

  5. A woman that is free will be shown respect. She will express her opinions and may be very direct in doing so. She will not however override the ruling of men and will never have the status of men. If a male op is present, she will deop should she be accorded such status.

  6. An unowned slave does not have "silks." While she may possess the experience of a "redsilk" she should immediately beg status of "-obs" for observing - or a collar. While observing, she may be called upon to serve. she however may not be used unless permission is given by an op.

  7. While I do not expect forced collarings to be a frequent event, I will not tolerate wandering unowned kajirae that consistently troll through the channel. If the slave is new to Gor, she should beg the status of "-new." Such status will be allowed for the period of one week.

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